Welcome Bonus

The essence of a trading bonus

Making money on the markets’ ups and downs requires more than just keen insight. It requires cash in your eXbino account. The more you are able to invest in a single trade, the more money you can make. Bonuses also offer the possibility to catch up, when your trading is not going too well. That’s why, at eXbino, we reward new investors with trading bonuses, just to give them an initial boost.

How can I get my Welcome Bonus?

All investors depositing at least 250 EUR are eligible to claim a bonus. Please keep in mind that, the more you deposit, the greater the bonus you can receive. We value our clients, and wish to see them prosper. Our success as a financial institution has always been closely linked with the success of our traders. That is why always give you the possibility to make up for your unfortunate trades.

Many of our clients have taken advantage of these bonuses, and learned the skill of trading in the financial markets via our platform. Bonuses can range between 50%-100%. We thank you for choosing to trade with eXbino, and look forward to celebrating your great success with us.

What bonuses do we offer?

Deposit 250 € – get 125 € free (50%)

125 € free

Deposit 1000 € – get 750 € free (75%)

750 € free

Deposit 2000 € – get 2000 € free (100%)

2000 € free

Not satisfied? Contact us directly at support (@) eXbino.com or talk to your Account Manager to get our best offer, tailored to your trading strategy! We are available via phone, live-chat, email or Skype!