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With binary options trading growing at phenomenal rates many Forex and Financial brokers have decided to join the trend.
eXbino is dedicated to bringing the world of financial option trading to ordinary people. eXbino is owned by professionals with tens of years of experience in the financial trading and online marketing.
With high return rates, early position closure and many instruments on a wide range of innovative assets, eXbino manages to draw in both novice and seasoned financial investors.

If you have a customer base interested in financial trading you may be suitable for eXbino’s Introducing Broker Program.

What is an Introducing Broker ? An introducing broker has a portfolio of clients who are already investing or want to invest in financial instruments.
Who is a suitable Introducing Broker ? Examples are financial websites, investment companies, financial advisers, stock or forex traders etc
What do you provide? eXbino is providing a state-of-the-art financial trading platform suitable for everybody from experienced traders to complete novices. Packed with a range of assets and instruments, the easy understandability and unparalleled user experience result in a high degree of customer loyalty.
How does it work? Your clients remain yours! You will be responsible for all the customer interaction whilst we will provide the technology that powers the trading system. Additionally we will provide you with a complete package of marketing, tracking and reporting tools designed to make our partnership mutually rewarding.

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