Get Bitcoins

eXbino commits to ultimate security regarding your deposit and withdrawal process. There are now a few methods of making a deposit: one in Bitcoin currency, the others in your local curency. They are simple, safe, and quick.

way to buy bitcoinsNew to Bitcoin?
Don’t have any Bitcoin wallet yet?
Opening a Bitcoin wallet too complicated or time-consuming?
Still want to use the Bitcoin liquidity to make profits?
…and stay anonymous?

If just one question above prompts a “YES!” reply, then we have a perfect solution for you!

Use the eXbino exchange service to purchase Bitcoins quickly with a current rate but with no fees/commissions and with the eXbino Exchange Bonus! How?

1. Log in to your account
2. Make a payment with one of the methods available: Bank Wire Transfer, Skrill or Neteller and your money will be converted into Bitcoins with a current Bitstamp rate.

How to receive a bonus for purchasing Bitcoins with us? Read carefully below to know the terms:

  • get a 100% Bitstamp rate and wager every Bitcoin 10 times at eXbino to withdraw it
  • get a 125% BitStamp rate (25% bonus) and wager the bonus at least 15 times to withdraw it
  • get a 150% BitStamp rate (50% bonus) and wager the bonus at least 20 times to withdraw it
  • get a 200% Bitstamp rate (100% bonus!) and wager the bonus at least 30 times to wihdraw it

This is absolutely the best offer around on exchanging Bitcoins.

So, what can you do after you make some profit? Just withdraw your money whenever you like! You can do it in many ways:
– to your Bitcoin wallet (instant payment in Bitcoins)
– by a Wire transfer with the currency of your choice
– by Neteller/Skrill with the currency of your choice

That’s it! You’re ready to go.

For more information about deposits/exchange rates/withdrawals/bonuses, contact your Account Manager, or email us at [email protected]