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Daily Analysis

EUR/USD – Euro grows stronger after French election. The analysis for 24th April 2017

All’s well that ends well. Latest weeks have been pretty nervous for the Euro as investors feared that populist right-wing candidate would prevail in France. However, according to exit polls, Emmanuel Macron won the first round of the elections, which supported Euro immediately. Support stays at 1.0725, resistance is set at 1.0935.

EUR/USD – the markets await the French election results. The analysis for 21st April 2017

EUR/USD tried to break some high levels yesterday but every time it crossed 1.0750, investors began to sell it which caused a downtrend. This level is hard to break and the asset had to face some news from France which resulted in a slump to 1.0700. Support stays at 1.0680, the resistance is set to 1.0800.

EUR/USD – the strong resistance broken. The analysis for 20th April 2017

In our yesterday’s forecast, we metioned that, 1.0750 would resist strongly. It could be seen in the last 24 hours when the asset was consolidating. Today’s morning, it broke the point and and the asset is heading to this year’s highs. The support is set at 1.0680, resistance is set at 1.0800.

EUR/USD – election announcement in the UK. The analysis for 19th April 2017

EUR/USD gained as some unexpected rumours about new elections in the UK had surfaced. This is illogical at first but both Euro and the Sterling are now gaining. Support is set at 1.0600, resistance stays at 1.0750.

EUR/USD Forecast – comeback after Easter. The analysis for 18th April 2017

EUR/USD rose yesterday due to the dollar’s weakness. European markets were closed due to Easter days off, so the volatility was really low. With the weak dollar, the asset came to 1.0670, just to be corrected later to 1.650. Support stays at 1.0580, resistance is set at 1.0700.

EUR/USD – consolidation before the long break. The analysis for 14th April 2017

The American currency is recovering before he long break. The tension after Trump’s recent comments has ceased. Support stays at 1.0570, resistance is set at 1.0750.

EUR/USD – Trump thinks the dollar is too strong. The analysis for 13th April 2017

After some stangancy, the marker reacted to help EUR/USD regain its dynamism. The dollar gor batered yesterday after Donald Trump had spoken. Support stays at 1.0570, resistance is set at 1.0750.

EUR/USD – internation tension influences the dollar. The analysis for 12th April 2017

EUR/USD recovered from 1.0580 yesterday and crossed 1.0600, where it is now quoted. The recovery was caused by some political tension throughout the world. The support level is set at 1.0525, resistance stays at 1.0665.

EUR/USD – ZEW raport from Germany. The analysis for 11th April 2017

EUR/USD seems calm and stable since the beginning of the week as there is no turmoil from macroeconomic data. Support and resistance stay at 1.0525 and 1.0665.

EUR/USD – the dollar attacks as the new range is reached. The analysis for 10th April 2017

EUR/USD got free from a very narrow range last Friday and even the weak NFP report couldn’t stop it. The new support and resistance are set now respectively at 1.0525 and 1.0665.

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