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Daily Analysis

EUR/USD – a vital voting in USA. The analysis for 23rd March 2017

EUR/USD continues to struggle around 1.0800, trying to break highs at 1.0825. According to our forecast, 1.0825 is a strong resistance, there is no additional data to set new strong points. Resistance stays at 1.0825, support is set at 1.0750.

EUR/USD – resistance broken. The analysis for 22nd March 2017

As we had expected, the asset struggled whole day yesterday with 1.0800 level, breaking it a few times. It was a strong resistancce point and it will take ome time to consolidate it. Currently, the asset stays below 1.0800, resistance is set at 1.0825, support stays at 1.0745.

EUR/USD – FED is not in a hurry on another increase. The analysis for 21st March 2017

This morning, EUR/USD is on the raise again attempting to reach this year’s high. Yesterday’s effort to strenghten the dollar had petered away after one of the FED’s authorities’ speech. The resistance is set at 1.0800, support stays at 1.0700.

EUR/USD – the dollar in a retreat position. The analysis for 20th January 2017

EUR/USD dropped in value on Friday, which was caused by positive reports on consumer moods in USA. But it was still not much enought to strenghten the dollar for longer. The asset did not get close to the support, closing at 1.0737. Resistance is set at 1.0800, support set at 1.0680.

EUR/USD – another attempts to break, Euro gets stronger. The analysis for 17th March 2017

According to our forecast, the asset is attempting to break as yesterday’s bulls run turned unsuccessful. The support is set at 1.0670, resistance is set at 1.0825.

EUR/USD – disappointing FED conference. The analysis for 16th March 2017

The dollar suffered a substantial loss, even though FED increased the interest rates in USA. The conference itself was a bit disappointing but those expectations were slightly exaggerated. Support stays at 1.0670, resistance is set at 1.0825.

EUR/USD – FED gathers attention. The analysis for 15th March 2017

The dollar gained yesterday, and now the markets are preparing to hear FOMC conference this evening. That made the asset drop below 1.0650. The resistance at 1.0620 was maintained and it is set to 1.0620 as support is set to 1.0700.

EUR/USD – the markets await FOMC call. The analysis for 14th March 2017

EUR/USD after a slight correnction seems unaltered today. There is a strong anticipation towards the FOMC meeting. Support is set at 1.0620, resistance stays at 1.0700.

EUR/USD – consolidation after the sudden launch. The analysis for 13th March 2017

EUR/USD has strongly opposed the dollar strenght in the past weeks. The market is waiting for the FOMC meeting and interest rates decision for USA. The asset is in consolidation phase after Friday’s launch. Support is set at 1.0620, resistance set at 1.0700.

EUR/USD – Euro recovery after EBC, NFP report coming up. The analysis for 10th March 2017

EUR/USD was unable to break the support but not because of dollar. It was the EBC meeting that spurred Euro so significantly. Mid-range support is set at 1.0550, targer support stays at 1.0500, resistance is set to 1.0700.

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