AML Policy

Anti-Money Laundering

As a global company providing Binary Options, eXbino is obliged to comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies. Our company adheres to Anti-Money Laundering laws and regulations, maintaining a strong stance to prevent illegal money laundering activities. Our policies were implemented to prevent, detect, track and report any Money Laundering or other suspicious activities.

How do we define Money Laundering?

Criminals attempt to relocate their illegal funds by transferring them to a lawful financial system without arousing any legal attention. This defines Money Laundering.
If a criminal or terrorist person(s) transfer their funds into legitimate financial systems, they can then transfer them between banks or financial products to be used for illegal activities, purchasing goods and services.
Our Company will report all attempt by an individual or business to hide the origin and ownership of the proceeds of illegal activities, including fraud, drug trafficking, theft, illegal gambling, and other activities.

Why Do I Need to Prove My Identity Before Opening a Trading Account?

In order to prevent Money Laundering the company requires providing documentation for proof of identity and the origin of their funds before trading with our platform due to placing great emphasis on our customers identity verification and checking if their funds are derived from a legal origin before they are allowed to make a deposit or trade with us. Providing legal documentation to verify your name, personal details and location is a part of this policy and you are required to do so.