Additional Options Features

You can modify an open position in three ways if the option falls into one of the following categories:

  • Binary Option (classic)
  • Pairs
  • Long-Term
  • 60 Seconds

The following modifications are available in the overview of the positions that are currently open:

1. Sell

This icons gives you the possibility of selling your option before the expiration time is reached. This possibility is available until 15 minutes before your option is set to expire if the option is a classic Binary Option or a Pairs position. For 60 Second options, this possibility is available anytime while the position is open.
If you click the sell button, the current open position will be sold automatically. You will have a price displayed for three second. This price is the platform’s offer for the option you want to sell. During this time you must confirm that you want to sell the option. If you are not satisfied with the offered price, the transaction will be canceled and your option will remain open.
Please note that under certain circumstances no sell offer can be made as the current price is too far away from the entry price. With some underlying assets, the sell function may not be available.

2. Double up

The Double Up feature leads to opening a new option, with the same investment direction, the same expiration time and the same underlying asset. The difference between the first option and the newly opened one is that the second one is opened with the current price after you confirm the doubling. You are opening a new position, so your original option won’t be affected in any way.
Please note that this feature is only available for the categories, Binary Options (classic), Pairs and Long-Term (limited) until shortly before the open position expires.

3. Rollover

This feature prolongs the expiry time of an open position to the next available expiry time. This way you gain additional time for your option if your prediction needs more time to be fulfilled.
The Rollover feature is only available under certain conditions:
If your option is currently at a loss with the current market price, this option will be displayed as red.
Your selected expiration time may not be the last of the current trading day, since no subsequent option for the trading day would be available.
The remaining time until your option expires must be more than 15 minutes.
Please note, that using the Rollover feature will bring and additional 30% investment to the initial amount. If your initial investment was €25.00, rolling the option will increase the total of the position to €32.50. However, the payout will remain unchanged. The Rollover feature is available only once per option.