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Oil prices are rising amid a surprising drop in US stockpiles

Oil prices started to rise on Thursday, after US data showed an unexpected drop in stockpiles. This shows a possible end of the global supply glut and suggests that OPEC’s efforts to trim the output are starting to show effect.

Amazon will hire 5000 applicants in Great Britain

Amazon will hire 5,000 full-time staff in Great Britain this year, following a number of similar pledges from other U.S. technology giants, in what is seen as another win for Britain following the Brexit vote.

What will happen to the Sterling Pound?

The Sterling Pound has gained some value, however experts are not sure about it after the 50th Article gets activated and Great Britain starts its Brexit procedures. Theresa May promised that the negotiations will start no later than on the 31st March. How will it affect the Pound?

Great Britain’s salaries slowdown

Today’s reports indicated a slower than expected raise in the salaries sector which means a life standards drop and potential inflation in 2017. On the other hand, more jobs were created in the last quarter of 2016.

The market gets used to Trump’s style

Since being elected President, Trump has caused the stir on the market. Every comment, decree, or even a tweet alerts investors. We will now talk about some methods used by Trump in his economic policy.

March will bring another interest rates raise, says Patrick Harker

FED’s Patrick Harker stated on Monday that he could back up another interest rates raise if there is more workplaces and higher salaries.

USA – Japan tension mounts up

Investors should pay close attention to USA – Japan relations now because some speculations about Yen manipulations have just arisen. The anxiety showed up after Bank of Japan’s intervention in the bonds market last Friday.

EU wants to identify Bitcoin users

Anonymity is one of the greatest advantages of Bitcoin over fiat currencies, but it can only last if the governments doesn’t try to impose regulations against it. Recent reports claim that the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union have proposed an amendment to a directive, aimed at preventing money laundering and terrorism financing.

An important day for Great Britain

The British MPs have authorized Theresa May to officially start Brexit procedures. The voting ended with 498 to 114 in favour of leaving the EU.

Economic data fight the White House to lure investors

This week will bring us many economic events and stock reports but still, the market will watch Trump very closely to see if his last actions will happen again.

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