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Brexit fears push the pound’s rate to three-month lows

Britain’s pound sterling fell to three-month lows early on Monday, as investors became concerned by media reports that the United Kingdom is ready fror a “hard” exit from the European Union. The pound fell 1.5 percent against the dollar to $1.1979. This is quite close to the three-decade low last October.

Can the markets run without the Internet?

LogRhythm, a security intelligence company which provides services helping companies to defend from cyber attacks, has released predictions for 2017. According to the company, the Internet will be shut down for up 24 hours this year. How would this affect the international markets?

President Trump sets social media on fire

President-elect Donald Trump, who is about to move to the White House soon, has held the first press conference since the election on November 8. Politicians, economists and U.S. citizens held their breath to see if his pre-election attitude will be continued or would he rather soften his approach to crucial issues.

Prime Minister May spooked market participants again

Currency investors might begin a sterling selloff as fears of the future are growing after an interview, where the UK’s Prime Minister Theresa May declared that leaving the European Union will be about “getting the right relationship, not about keeping bits of membership”. Markets reacted sharply and the pound sterling fell against the dollar to the weakest level since October.

Microsoft will add support for Bitcoin in Excel

Microsoft, jedna z największych na świecie firm zajmujących się oprogramowaniem, ogłosił wprowadzenie rozszerzonej obsługi Bitcoina w nadchodzącej wersji Excela (2017). Zapowiadane funkcje mają obejmować formatowanie, obliczenia i analizę Bitcoina z poziomu aplikacji.

Samsung recovering from the Note 7 fiasco

According to analysts, Samsung Electronics Co Ltd may forecast its best quarterly profit in almost three years.The reason behind such forecasts may be the memory chip sales, helping the company to recover after a spectacular and costly failure of its flagship model, Galaxy Note 7.

What will the future bring for Bitcoin in 2017?

Bitcoin indeed had a great year, that’s for sure. What made the famous cryptocurrency the winner of 2016, the year that brought us a surge in price to over 1000$, with Bitcoin outperforming all fiat currencies and the rest of other crypocurrencies? And where is it going now?

Oil as a safe haven in 2017?

Markets may be facing a bumpy ride in 2017. Donald Trump is ready to enter the White House in January, bringing some uncertainty of the future to the U.S. markets. Europe is also facing political risks especially if populists would be able to win the election in France or Germany. The European Union is facing the start of the Brexit process. Surprisingly, oil may become a safe haven asset for cautious investors.

Saudi Arabia plans to diversify its economy

The government of Saudi Arabia tries to extend its economy beyond oil. According to a recently released official document 200 billion riyals ($53 billion) will be provided to the private sector as an effort to boost growth rate in the forthcoming years.

ECB says Monte dei Paschi needs 8.8 billion euros

The European Central Bank informed Banca Monte dei Paschi needs 8.8 billion euros to plug a capital shortfall. The amount is almost twice as high as the previous 5 billion euro gap estimated by the bank. Monte dei Paschi also informed, that ECB had warned that the bank’s liquidity had suffered “rapid deterioration” as it tried to raise the needed capital from private investors.

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