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Victorious Macron makes Europe feel relieved

The first round of tthe presidential elections in France didn’t end like its US counterpart, nor Brexit vote. The first round was won by Emmanuel Macron with 23.9% result (after counting 97.3% votes). Perceived as the Euro threat, Marine Le Pen recorded 21.4% of all ballots.

What will happen to oil prices?

Just a few weeks before the OPEC meeting, some fears about price going below 50 USD per barrel have surfaced.

Analysts predict gold to reach 1350 USD by the end of the year

Even though gold lost just 0.64% to the dollar, the upcoming French elections, newly snapped UK elections and North Koreas situation may spur investors to buy more stable assets like gold.

Trump undercuts the dollar again

The American dollar lost its value after the US President showed his concerns about its strenght. The markets showed some panic, as EUR/USD rate skyrocketed to 1.658. However, the analysts say it’s a temporary situation.

Saudi Arabia plans to extend cuts to oil production

Oil prices have grown substantially for a week, the longest streak since August 2016. Reportedly, it is Saudi Arabia is the one that is trying to extend cuts to oil production.

China will water down its stance after the USA-China summit

The presidents of China and USA just finished their first official meeting ever. There was no political tension and some solutions to reduce the trade balance were introduced.

Mario Draghi: ECB’s policy is correct

Mario Draghi stated the bank’s monetary policy stance remained appropriate on Thursday and ponited out that “sufficient confidence” would be vital for the central bank.

JPMorgan President is not optimistic about US economy

JPMorgan Chase President, Jamie Dimon, announced in his letter to investors, that he believes in US economy but is afraid that somethin “bad” happens to it.

Andurand: oil price may soon reach 70USD per barrel

According to Pierre Andurand, oil prices are not capped around $55 as is widely thought but rather are supposed to hit $70 per barrel later this year.
Gold predicted to soar to 1500 USD

According to Incrementum AG, gold may soon soar to 4 years high due to increasing inflation and negative interest rates which willl bring increased demand.

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