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Donald Trump: a curse or blessing for the market?

Since the election, Wall Street has been optimistic bas never before. Indice have been on the rise since November 2016, some new record have been set. Robert Shiller, a Yale professor, has something to say about it.

According to Goldman Sachs, OPEC influence in the market has decreased

According to Goldman Sachs, a new extraction project and a shale boom could add one million barrels per day to oil output by in the coming years, creating an oversupply problem and a big predicament for efforts by OPEC.

Will oil extraction in USA thwart OPEC plans?

According to Rosnieft, one of the world’s biggest oil suppliers, a bigger oil extraction in USA may stop OPEC plans in June.

A new dark horse has a silver lining

Silver may soon surpass gold and the favourite asset to invest. Precious metals are on the rise after FOMC conference, which disappointed the markets in general.

Britain’s pay has slowed down

Unemployment unexpectedly declined to 4.7 percent, the lowest rate since 2005, according to the Office for National Statistics. The number of the employed increased by 92,000 to 31.9 million. Unfortunately, there is no pay rise.

Euro tops its one-month rate, oil reaches 3-months low

The Euro edged higher one-month lows on Monday, recovering after Friday’s bout of profit-taking following a robust U.S. jobs report, as investors looked to this week’s Federal Reserve’s policy meeting in which it is expected to raise rates by a quarter percentage point.

ENB and Euro, FED and dollar

As the ADP report showed, the probability of raisng the interest rates by FED has grown to 86%. The interest rates and the future of Euro will be discussed today during the EBC meeting in Frankfurt.

ECB will make the course set despite rising inflation and political tensions

When the European Central Bank meets this week, the economy looks in good shape, with headline inflation for the euro zone standing at 2 percent, the ECB´s target.

Oil price dropping after news from China and Russia

Oil price dropped on Friday, going back to what it used to be before. It is feared that a lower growth than expected for China may lead to a diminished demand. Another reason is Russia that is doubted to hold the terms of extraction.

Dollar growing in value as investors await the interest rate raise in USA

Lael Brainard from Federal Reserve advocates now the interest rate raise in March. She justifies it with good results of global and US economy.

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